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Feel Understood. Empowered. Protected. 

KEF Insurance:

Your Trusted Partner for Financial Security

Insurance Solutions

Secure Your Family's Future: Life insurance ensures your loved ones are financially protected if you're no longer here. We offer a variety of options (term, whole, universal) to fit your needs and budget. Let's create a plan for peace of mind.

Financial Services

Achieve Your Financial Dreams: We go beyond insurance to help you reach your financial goals, like retirement or education. Our advisors personalize investment strategies for your risk tolerance and timeframe, helping you build wealth for a brighter future.

Investment Management

Empower your financial future: We help you create a budget, set financial goals, and manage debt. With expert guidance, you'll gain the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions and achieve financial freedom.

About Us

Ketty Fessahazion- "La Jefa"

Your Champion For Financial Security

For over 20 years, insurance has been my passion. I’ve seen how a well-crafted plan protects families and builds a secure future. But my journey wasn’t always easy. Living with a chronic illness, I faced challenges navigating insurance myself.

That’s why I founded KEF Insurance. I envisioned a different experience – one where education empowers, and quality coverage becomes a reality for everyone. Here at KEF Insurance, we understand the needs of multicultural communities, and we’re committed to breaking down barriers.

My Experience, Your Advantage:

Top Performer: Ranked consistently among top insurance agents, mastering various products.

Proven Leader: Built a diverse team reflecting the communities we serve.

Your Advocate: Understands pre-existing condition challenges, provides clear information, and advocates for your needs.

My mission is simple: to empower families to build a strong financial foundation and achieve their dreams.

Darius Fessahazion- "El Protector"

Your Guide through Life's Uncertainties

Life can be unpredictable, but one thing's certain: you want your loved ones to be protected. That's where I come in. Seeing my wife's strength battling a chronic illness, and the loss of loved ones to unexpected illnesses, solidified my mission. With over a decade navigating the complexities of insurance, I've witnessed the power of a well-crafted plan to protect our families.

That's why I'm passionate about helping multicultural families achieve financial security. With 13 years of experience navigating its complexities, I can guide you through the process of making life and financial products clear and accessible to you. Together, we'll build a plan that empowers you to create a secure future for your family – just like I'm building one for mine.

Building a Brighter Future, One Family at a Time:

Life Insurance Expertise: From final expense plans to child riders, I’ve designed solutions that safeguard what matters most – your loved ones.

Tech-Powered Solutions: I leverage cutting-edge technology to simplify your experience. No more wading through mountains of paperwork!

Marketing Guru: I’m dedicated to reaching multicultural communities and breaking down barriers to financial literacy.

KEF Insurance isn’t just about selling policies, it’s about building a legacy.

La Jefa and El Protector:

 Your Champion and Guide: here to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to secure your future and empower your family’s dreams.

Let’s chat and discover how KEF Insurance can help you navigate the path to financial security!

Why Choose KEF Insurance?

At KEF Insurance, we’re passionate about empowering families from all backgrounds to achieve financial security. As a minority-owned agency, we understand the unique needs of multicultural communities. That’s why we offer more than just policies – we offer a partnership built on:

  • Cultural Understanding: Our diverse team of advisors provides culturally competent financial planning tailored to your specific circumstances.
  • Bilingual Support: Discuss your finances comfortably in the language you’re most familiar with.
  • Personalized Solutions: We believe in a customized approach. We take the time to understand your goals and create a personalized plan to achieve them.
  • Community Commitment: We’re dedicated to giving back and supporting initiatives that empower families in our multicultural communities.

With KEF Insurance, you gain a trusted partner on your journey to financial security and building a lasting legacy

Build a Brighter Future for Your Family

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Together, we can build a secure future for your loved ones.

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